Nick Watkins

Nick Watkins is known around the country as one of the leading Master Teachers and Choreographers in the business. Nick has a creative spark that tends to push, yet motivates dancers in the most dynamic and inspiring way. On top of his teaching credits Nick is also CEO and co-founder of “the Circuit”, the hottest in-house dance convention on the market. Nick has worked with dancers and choreographers that have performed with every “Big Name” celebrity in the entertainment field. Nick’s personal and private students can be seen in shows such as “Glee”, “America’s Most Talented Kid”, Paula Abdul’s “Live to Dance”, and in the “American Dance Company”, who travel to such places as Italy, Prague, Spain, and Germany representing America in the International Competitive Circuit. Nick is working on the premiere of his contemporary based company “D-Sire ”, a collective combination of masculine and Feminine ambiance.

Dance Instructors in Ocean Springs, MS