(Recital participation is not mandatory)

Infinity Dance Company’s Recital

Recital Packages

There are 2 packages available. The package is chosen by the class level of your dancer.  Package A, is for dancers our Twinkle Stars Program.  Package B, is for dancers in class levels 1 and up. Your recital fee will cover the cost of the recital venue expenses, audio & visual personnel, videographer, and venue security/staff. 

Included in each dancer’s recital package is:

  • 1 Costume
  • 1 Pair of Tights
  • 1 Recital T-Shirt
  • 1 Program Book 
  • Download link to the Recital Video taken during the performance  

Recital Costs

Package A: Twinkle Star Program $300.00

Package A: Additional Costumes $  75.00 each

Package B: Level 1 & Up $320.00

Package B: Additional Costumes $  85.00 each

Costumes are required for each routine a student performs in the recital. Recital and costume payments are Non-refundable.


At Infinity we do recital payments a little differently. For your convenience, your dancer’s recital package is divided into equal installments and billed monthly. Recital package payments start the first month of enrollment thru March of each season. (If you choose to be billed in full the balance must be paid off prior to December 15th.)These installments are auto-drafted on the same date as your dancer’s monthly class tuition.