We were a part of the Infinity Dance Co. family for 3 years. During this time, my daughters took a variety of classes and attended summer camps. I was pleased with the amazing staff, welcoming environment, and top-notch dance studio. A love for the students and passion for the art of dance were evident through the instructors’ caring attitudes, dedication to each student’s success, and diligence to quality instruction. In addition, the recitals were phenomenal! We were sad to leave the IDC family and the friends we made when we had to move.  

Amanda Mitchell

IDC staff members really get to know your dancer as a person.  They provide a supportive dance environment that challenges and grows dancers.  They provide constant encouragement to dancers.  Because of IDC, our daughter has become a talented dancer.  We are so glad we made the decision to join Infinity Dance Company! 

Brigette Anderson

Infinity Dance Company is an amazing studio for your child’s dance instruction. I enrolled my daughter in the studio about 3 seasons ago in order to expose her to more advanced training.  My daughter excels at tap dancing, and I was ensured by the studio director that her needs would be met.  Infinity Dance Company did not disappoint.  My daughter has been provided the best instruction across all genres.  She has been able to work with top choreographers from across the country.  She has been offered several opportunities for competition, mentoring programs, and workshops.  I love having my daughter at a studio that is not afraid of losing her as a student if she is exposed to other dance opportunities.  I find that Infinity Dance Company is confident enough in their instructors and dance curriculum that they are not afraid of expanding your young dancer’s exposure to the dance community. There are no limits to what you can do at this studio. 

 The facility is top notch and offers a safe environment for your young dancer to train and develop in.  The students treat each other like family.  I don’t have enough good words to say about the director, Kimberly Fay, and all of the instructors at the studio.  Kim and her staff are simply amazing.  If you are looking for a dance studio, you have found your home.

Christina Saewert

Infinity Dance Company is an amazing dance studio. The instructors are wonderful teachers. They are patient, kind, encouraging, and gifted at tailoring instruction to the needs of the students. They also make you feel like you are dance family immediately. We are proud to be a part of the IDC dance family.

Kristy Henson

You hear the word family tossed around freely, but Infinity Dance Company is truly a family. Studio director, Kim, has an uncanny gift for bringing out the best in every dancer while challenging them to grow in their art.  The entire staff continues to evolve in their craft through continuing education and are up on the latest trends in the dance world while maintaining a steadfast foundation in technique through the discipline of ballet. For over a decade, these teachers have poured their heart and soul into my daughters and I really could not ask for better mentors, both as people and as dancers.

Lauren Jones

My daughter has been a part of the Infinity Dance Company family for the past seven years. The friendships she has made, the instruction she has received, the mentors she has had, and the growth and progression I have witnessed over these past seven years is more than anything I could have hoped for. Infinity gives my child more than just dance instruction. They offer her opportunities to grow as both a dancer and an individual while providing her a structured and nurturing environment to do so. We can’t imagine our lives without our IDC FAM!!

Tara Mansfield

My daughter started dancing at the age of 5, but just recently joined IDC two years ago. She absolutely loves it!  The staff is wonderful!  Mrs. Kim, and her staff, are dedicated to teaching the art of dance, as well as, committed to the dancers having a good time!  IDC offers a variety of dance classes, from beginning to advanced.  If you’re looking for a dance studio for your kids/teens, girls and guys, IDC is the place.

Rene Impey

Infinity Dance Company has been a very important part of my daughter’s life for the last 4 years. She started out dancing with them when she was 5 and was just dancing tutus and taps. Now she is on the competition team along with her regular dance classes and loves it so much! The amount of hard work and dedication each dance instructor at Infinity puts in their choreography and instruction in class is beyond compare! They have the biggest hearts and have helped my daughter grow and exceed my expectations exponentially! I couldn’t have chosen a better dance studio for my daughter to grow up in and learn the art of dance! They are forever a part of our family, thank you Infinity Dance Company!

Rebecca Blanton

My daughter has been dancing with IDC since the first year. We love IDC. She would go to dance every day if she could.

Michelle Bartusiak